Thursday, July 19, 2007

China Plans To Control Weather With Rockets

China has entered the market economy with guns blazing: poisoned meat, fish and poultry, avian flu, a total disregard for intellectual property resulting in bootlegged movies and music, tainted toothpaste, slave labor, etc.

China's government is a repressive state bordering on fascism. China is a nuclear power that treats its citizenry worse than any other major world power. Western nations have no business doing business with such a regime, but since they are the largest nation in the world, it is impossible to pass-up the opportunity to corner them as a market. So, we let them get away with murder . . . literally.

As a world power, China cannot be trusted to do anything correctly. Sadly, American marketeers encourage this bad behavior and seek only to garner a share of the profits generated.

Now, China plans to screw with the weather in hopes of having a more profitable Olympiad.
China to zap rain clouds with rockets
Mon Jul 16, 9:57 PM ET

China will fire rockets into the sky to scatter any rain clouds ahead of next year's Beijing Olympics to ensure perfect weather, state media said on Tuesday.

China has already guaranteed perfect weather for the August 2008 Games, but until now had not said how it would make sure its forecast comes true. More . . .

This is the worst idea ever to come out of this ridiculous nation.

If the weather is altered over Beijing, how does that affect the weather over New York?

I don't want to know.

Would somebody please start speaking-out against this hideous, dangerous nation called China?

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Brandon said...

So glad you see how horrible the Red nation is, my friend! I've been speaking of the atrocities caused by China since the military forced me to learn their filthy language last year! They are truly an evil race of people if there ever was one, and they keep getting worse, no matter how much they think that they are developing! The Chinese must be stopped!