Friday, June 22, 2007

TV News Crews Being Trained for Kidnapping

The television news agencies have done a piss-poor job reporting on military conflicts, genocides, and terrorism. Companies that own television news agencies now see the news as a profit center. When television news agencies were seen as a necessary service to the public, the news reports seemed to have a lot more integrity.

Television news' complicity in the lies about Iraq and Afghanistan, and their utter failure to shine appropriate light on atrocities like Darfur, leave a bitter taste in my mouth.

Still, I am more troubled when I learn that television reporters are kidnapped.

Brian Keenan's wonderful book about his time as a hostage in Lebanon gives amazing insight into his experience. He was a teacher, not a journalist. Like most citizens, he had no training about how to handle a hostage situation.

Journalists have not had any such training either. Until BBC news reporter Alan Johnston was kidnapped one hundred days ago. Now, TV correspondents are receiving kidnapping training courses.

This in from popbitch:

Hostage to fortune
TV news-crews get special training

Alan Johnston has now spent 100 days as a hostage in Gaza. TV news networks are taking no chance with other British foreign correspondents. News hounds are being hurriedly sent on Kidnapping Training courses.

And what are they told to do in the event of being kidnapped?

"Tell them absolutely anything they want."

This is the most sensible thing I have ever heard! If they kidnap you, tell them everything. Then you might live. Why hold onto secrets? What secrets do any non-military people have to keep? None. Tell them everything.

I pray for Alan Johnston and hope he is released soon.

Still no word on the Pearson v Custom Cleaners verdict. I guess the judge will avoid an all-out media assault if she issues her verdict at 3:00 P.M. then heads directly to her Summer home!

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