Friday, June 29, 2007

New Postal Rgulations Will Hurt Everyone

The Reagan Administration promoted the notion that the government is a failure, that the government is bad and all patriotic Americans should want to reduce the government.

This is absurd, of course, because a great people can only build a great government. Prior to the conservative destruction of our government by Nixon, Reagan, Clinton and the Bushes, we were the greatest people on the planet with the greatest government -- a government that was the envy of everyone in the world.

Now, we are a regional power with a strong military focused on profiteering instead of war. We have abandoned our sick and hungry. We are dismantling the agencies that have made America great, proud and strong. We eliminate the role of auditors and inspectors, we shuffle tax dollars from services to independent contractors. We are an embarrassment.

The agency most obviously hurt by this philosophy has been the postal service. The federal government is focused not on competing in the marketplace, but reducing costs. Every company that tries to succeed by cutting costs either closes or becomes a second-rate player in their industry.

Like all other agencies, the postal service is becoming a tool for the powerful to profit from. The latest scheme by postal authorities has a scary effect on freedom of the press. This from Teresa Stack, President of The Nation magazine:
Postal regulators have accepted a scheme designed in part by lobbyists for the Time Warner media conglomerate. In short, mailing costs for mega-magazines like Time Warner's own Time, People and Sports Illustrated will go up only slightly or decrease. But smaller publications like The Nation will be hit by an enormous rate increase of half a million dollars a year.

So, Time, News Corp, Conde Nast and a small number of mega-publishers will save millions in shipping costs while smaller, local, regional, specialty publishers will be forced to pay prices so high that they will likely go out of business.

Nice job Hillary, Chuck, and Barack! Let's limit press access to the post office. Good plan! I expect King George the W to make this happen, but he is doing it on your watch! Clinton, Schumer and Obama stand by while our nation is destroyed -- except during those times when they are actively participating in its destruction.

This hurts all Americans. These new postal regulations know no favorites -- they are designed to hurt small publishers and protect mega-publishers. These regulations are immoral and unethical and un-American.

The Nation, one of America's oldest and most important voices of freedom, will be severely crippled by these new regulations. The Nation needs your help:

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