Friday, June 01, 2007

David Geffen On The Clintons

David Geffen is a media mogul. I hold him in no particular regard or disregard.

Being in the media industry, he has a business agenda that is not necessarily good for we consumers. One only need look at the RIAA's anti-consumer campaigns of the past decade to see that media moguls, their lackeys in elected office, and the corporate associations they prop-up to legitimize their campaigns are bad for America.

On the other hand, Geffen tends to be a social liberal and has supported the tiny number of liberals who still exist in the Democratic Party. I am not actually sure how many liberals remain in the Democratic Party; but, if there are any, you can generally count on Geffen to lend them his support.

The Clintons (current Senator and former President) are considered liberals. In reality though, although the former President is an economic and political liberal and maybe a bit of a social liberal, the Senator certainly is none of those things. She is a neo-con who has managed to cloak herself in notions of liberalism to secure the votes of women and homosexuals.

Geffen is probably a leftist when compared to Senator Clinton.

Although I have no particular respect for David Geffen, beyond the fact that he is human and deserving of the same respect all humans deserve, I was pleased to read this statement he made about President and Senator Clinton:

Everybody in politics lies. But they [the Clintons] do it with such ease, it's troubling.

I think this might be the most astute observation and the most important candid statement made in the run-up to the Democratic Primary.

Hillary Clinton is bad for America. Not because she is a woman, not because she is a liberal; because she is a liar, a bad liar, and a liar of the worst kind: a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Pay close attention to her positions on reproductive rights (there should be limits), the rights of homosexuals (against gay marriage), education (supports privatization of public schools), workers' rights (supports corporate subsidies that undermine worker security), economic policy (supports continued deregulation), and globalization (champion of CAFTA). These are not the positions of a liberal, they are the positions of a conservative, a new conservative, a neo-con. She will deny these positions when convenient, but just pay attention for the next couple years.

If she can lose the support of David Geffen while gaining the support of Rupert Murdoch, you have to think twice about her.

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