Monday, May 07, 2007

Just So You Know What He Looks Like

Here is a screen grab of Roy L. Pearson Jr. from a video:

In case you weren't sure if an asshole had a face . . . this is the face of an asshole!

Mr. Pearson is very important. A dry cleaner temporarily misplaced a pair of his trousers and it made him angry. So angry that he refused to accept his trousers when they were found. So angry that he has rejected every gesture of apology and every attempt to placate him. He is so angry that he filed a sixty-five million dollar lawsuit against the local dry cleaner who temporarily misplaced the trousers.

The entire world is talking about Mr. Pearson. I am happy to be part of the dialogue.

Please continue reading about Mr. Pearson in the article I wrote about this incident.

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