Thursday, April 12, 2007

Is Rudy Giuliani Really A Patriot?

Asked about the flying of the Confederate flag in some Southern states, Giuliani said, "That's a good thing to be left on a state-by-state basis." - AP, Tuesday, April 10,2007, 9:45 PM ET

Rudy Giuliani thinks that each state should decide whether or not citizens may fly the Confederate flag.

Though he bills himself as a patriot, he believes that white people should be able to fly the flag of the movement that tried most effectively to destroy the united States, assassinate a President, and perpetuate slavery.

I see inconsistency here. Either you are a patriot and you support a strong United States of America, or you think people should be allowed to venerate the symbol of the only movement that has come close to destroying our nation.

Giuliani insists that he opposes terrorism. He seems to forget that prior to 9/11, the terrorist acts (bombings) that had taken place were all committed by Southerners who considered themselves Christians and who targeted American citizens. Oklahoma City, Atlanta Olympics, reproductive health centers, and gay bars were targeted and only Americans were killed.

Where does Giuliani stand on the issue of domestic terrorism perpetrated by Americans over the past 150 years?

How many Americans have been killed by American terrorists (Southerners) in our lifetime? How many people died saving our nation during the civil war?

Well, the Confederate Flag is a symbol of hate and anti-Americanism, of the Christian right, of pro-slavery closed-mindedness, of much that is unAmerican.

Can you be opposed to terrorism and support a state's right to fly the Confederate flag?

I think not.

Giuliani is a scam-artist extraordinaire. Let the polls show him as a contender for the Presidency. In the end, the Southerners who really do support flying the Confederate flag would never vote for an oft-divorced lapsed-Catholic cross-dresser. In the case of Giuliani, we should be grateful for that.

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Anonymous said...

NY Fire Battalion Chief Jim Riches: "We want America to know Giuliani is not the man he says he is"