Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Emmanuel College Fires Professor

An adjunct professor of Financial Accounting at Emmanuel College, in Boston, Massachusetts, was fired from his job for using the Virginia Tech massacre as a lead-up to a discussion of economics.

The school issued no public statement and has responded that they do not publicly discuss personnel matters.

I disagree with Nicholas Winset's position on handgun control, but he has the right to talk about it; and I think the school's decision to fire him is more despicable than his position on the Second Amendment.

This is America. Unless we are actually hurting someone, we have the freedom to speak-out and speak our mind. Any organization that does not honor that basic tenet of our Republic should be refused access to government funds and should lose their tax-exempt status.

Emmanuel College should be ashamed of tiself.

See Professor Winset speak-out at youtube.com.

The local Murdoch rag in Boston covers the story.

Article at the Freedom4um blog.

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