Friday, March 23, 2007

White Tigers. Who Knew?

I don't often make posts about animal cruelty, but an email from popbitch introduced me to information I never knew about White Tigers.

Eighty percent of all captivity-bred white tigers die at birth.

Of the remaining 20% most are so deformed that they will never be shown in public and wallow until death in captivity.

Orange tigers with the white gene and white tigers are bred together to produce new white tiger cubs. In that process many orange tigers are born. The orange tigers are unwanted and often end-up in the hands of private owners who are not known for their kindness.

A 16-year old girl made a video about "the facts" at the Tipped Ear Clan site.*

[*N.B.: Please note the clarifying comment below from calsifer regarding the provenance of the video - added by DM at 08:11 AM.]

Watch it.

Be outraged!

Maybe you can take action to help.

Thanks to popbitch for the tip.

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calsifer said...

Thanks very much for speaking out vbout this atrocity. I'd just want to clarify that the while the vid on the post was made by a 16 year old girl, I'm not her. She has a youtube account with more information too. This is her account:

calsifer, the White Tiger poster at Tipped Ear Clan

DM said...

Thanks for visiting calsifer, and thank you for your site. You do important work.

calsifer said...

:) the really important work is done by people like the noble folks at bigcatrescue

All I do is cut and paste stuff from sites like theirs, ramble for a bit, and rebutt misguided comments by the uninformed/lazy readers/dogmatic supporters of those irresponsible breeders.

DM said...

Well, calsifer: THAT is a lot! I appreciate your efforts!