Friday, March 16, 2007

It was just a minor misunderstanding . . .

The form rests on your tray table. The jet is approaching the airport and it has to be filled-out before you deplane. There are a few check boxes on the form along with spots for name, address, passport number, reason for visiting and the such.

You are landing in a foreign land and they all ask different questions.

You fill-out the form quickly. You don't really care what it says.

You get in line for passport control.

You are irritated because you are famous and don't have time for all of this.

Your luggage goes through the X-ray machine.

They see contraband.

They find vials of Jintropin, which is illegal or controlled in civilized countries.

On the form you checked "No" for the box that asked if you were carrying restricted or prohibited goods "such as medicines, steroids, firearms, weapons, or any kind of illicit drugs."

You have broken the law. You are issued a summons. You are not contrite. You say "there's been a misunderstanding."

There is no misunderstanding! You shoot steroids, which have shrivelled your brain. you are a half-wit lucky enough to have made millions in Hollywood. You act like a tough guy, but you're really a pussy. You pretend to be a patriot and a hard-nose military guy. Liberal comedians fly to Iraq to entertain the troops, you are afraid to go. You are surly and unkind to fans you encounter in public. You're a jerk. You are not a hero. You are a movie star. Now you are exposed as a criminal hopped-up on human growth hormones, and your response is that there has been a misunderstanding.

There is no misunderstanding Mr. Stallone. You're an idiot and you are not above the law.

I hope this tarnishes your reputation so that America's youth will stop looking-up to your phony tough-guy image.


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