Thursday, January 18, 2007

Shortbus Censorship

The adorable Jay Brannan has a song in the critically-acclaimed movie Shortbus, from John Cameron Mitchell (who gave us "Hedwig And The Angry Inch").

Brannan also makes regular appearances on from Toilet Studios, in New York City. I assume it is his own toilet in which he records his videos. He wears appropriate toilet attire.

His video for Soda Shop (below) at YouTube, opens with a monologue discussing the film "Shortbus" and its censorship by Internet Movie Database (IMDb).

It seems that IMDb placed an "adult content" tag on Shortbus, so it will not appear in general searches at the site. My friend, The Rabbi, followed-up the story yesterday at his blog The Rabbi Report; and created a bit of a stir in the blogsphere. Be sure to read the two articles that follow that link to get updates.

IMDb's tagging of an independent release as "adult" is censorship in its most insidious form: secret censorship. Pretending that you are not censoring, when you actually are censoring.

IMDb has relented and removed the tag; but, the question remains: how many other films are tagged this way, and who is the arbiter of adult content at IMDb? The Rabbi articulates the issue more succinctly, and implore you to visit The Rabbi Report for the full story.

So I leave you with Brannan's music video:

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