Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Wonder Pets Help A Puppy Go Pee Pee

While home from work one day last week, I heard my daughter watching a television show that sounded like an opera or operetta. The characters were singing their lines: "The phone! The phone is ringing!" as if Bizet, Gilbert & Sullivan, or Puccini had written the libretto, er script.

I was fascinated to see my daughter glued to this show and she knew the words to some of the songs. I didn't watch with her, but I kept an eye on the festivities from my desk and I was bowled-over when she got up from the couch, walked to the television, start dancing and singing along to the theme song.

The show is "Wonder Pets" and this hilarious episode is available at YouTube:

Pretty amazing, huh?!?!?

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