Thursday, October 26, 2006

Stupid People Speak-Up During Elections

Idiots from the world of entertainment are coming out of the woodwork this election season to speak-out against stem-cell research.

Mental giants like St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Suppan, football quarterback Kurt Warner, Kansas City Royals player Mike Sweeney, actress Patricia Heaton and actor Jim Caviezel, have all spoken out against medical research.

Fortunately, Michael J. Fox has is speaking out for medical research.

The wrong-wing idiots like Suppan appear in television ads were they distort the issue with their jesus-thumping hocus-pocus claiming that because the a ballot initiative does not include text banning human clones, that the amendment will open the floodgate of human cloning. Idiot!

Patricia Heaton has previously appeared in campaigns against abortion. I understand why people are opposed to abortion. They are grossly misinformed and blinded by the jesus in their eyes; but I still understand why an idiot like Heaton is opposed to abortion. However, being opposed to stem-cell research is like being opposed to petri dishes. It makes no sense.

If you have the opportunity to switch-off any broadcasts in which these idiots appear, please switch-off. (That includes those dreadful "Everyone Loves Raymond" re-runs and the World Series.)

It's time to show these Luddites that progress is good for humanity. Please speak-out against them and let people know you think stem-cell research is a good thing.

>Stem-cell research foes get own ad

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for Deval APtrick. He is definitley speaking out for progress. I do hope we are strong enough not to vote ion that idiot Healy. 3 Cheers for Deval Patrick! 3 Cheers for Progress! 3 Cheers for our future!