Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Homophobia of Republican Page Turners

A favorite pastime of the Right is to equate pederasts and gay men.

My own colleagues do this, and they call themselves liberals. When they say Foley was gay and I correct them they don't really get it. This is institutionalized homophobia at its most insidious. Liberals not understanding the difference between consenting adult relations in gay male culture and homosexual rape is one the greatest battles that gay men have to fight today.

Of course, I have no idea why I bother helping gay men with this fight when they consistently support elected conservatives like Hillary Clinton who are participants in this insidious homophobic movement.

To say that Mark Foley wanted to have gay sex with pages is like saying the guy in the last Colorado school massacre wanted to have straight sex with his victims.

Mark Foley may have wanted to participate in homosexual activity with children, but that does not make him, or his acts, gay. Foley's physical sexual acts and suggestion might by homosexual in nature, they are not the same acts performed by gay men, they are the acts of a pederast.

The GOP uses homosexuality whenever it meets their needs. They smear homosexuals regularly, and now because it is convenient, Foley is claiming he is gay in hopes it will save him some trouble down the line. Mark Foley is a pederast, not a gay man.

Please see the recent article about this same issue at

Thank you to the Randi Rhodes show for pointing me to the article above.

There is a difference between homosexual rape and gay male relationships.

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