Wednesday, July 19, 2006

United States Senate Approves Stem-Cell Research Funding

In a move that flies in the face of our backward presidency and the backward thinking so-called Christians that support him, the United States Senate approved funding for the most sophisticated form of medical research that can produce the most advanced medical breakthroughs of our lifetimes.

Although the current administration, its billionaire supporters, and the idiot born-again fundamentalists would rather wait until a third-world nation invents the next great medical breakthrough, it seems that there are enough thinking people remaining in Washington to realize that the United States used to be the greatest nation in the world and that we can return to that place on top of the world by embracing progress instead of regression.

The Senate on Tuesday backed the bipartisan legislation that expands federally-funded stem cell research, but the tally was only 63-37, four shy of the sixty-seven votes be needed to overturn the presidential veto that could come today.

All but one Democrat voted for the bill.

The research that has ALWAYS been proposed regard stem-cell research is to be carried out with embryos that would never have been children. Any politician that equates embryonic research with murder is either stupid or a liar. Since we are talking about Republican politicians, either and/or both are quite possible.

Sadly, the president will likely veto the bill, because he is stupid and a liar.

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