Friday, July 21, 2006

Hot Pigs In England

The English are very good to their pigs.

Pinky and Perky two four week old miniature piglets cool off at Pennywell Farm and Wildlife centre near Buckfastleigh, south western England Wednesday July 19, 2006 in this photo provided by the centre. The piglets were keeping cool with a huge lolly packed with carrots and other vegetables. 'The recent heatwave has been exhausting for everyone and animals are no exception,' said Catherine Tozer, assistant manager of the farm. 'All the animals have been struggling with the heat so we have just tried to do everything we can to make them more comfortable. 'After the initial shock and a bit of investigation, the ice lollies went down a real treat,' she said.(AP Photo/Pennywell Farm and Wildlife Centre, Catherine Tozer)

In England, besides giving their pigs frozen treats, there is a law that bans transporting livestock at a temperature above 81F. On the other hand, during the heatwave the temperature on the London Tube surpassed 100F.

It's good to be a pig in London.

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Anonymous said...

While you are correct, I must remind you that the cute pigs will end up as bacon on a plate! At least being slaughtered to eat isn't the fate of my fellow wear Tube travellers ;o)

More stores than ever have air con, which is lovely. But the transport system is still a mess. The Tube is too far underground (3 lines excepted) to have air con installed, ever. The bus is like sitting in a glass oven. You would think that with the heat and irritation that tempers would be fraying but everyone has a 'we're in it together' vibe which is nice.

Pass the iced water!

L xx