Monday, July 31, 2006

DNC Irritation

One of the methods conservatives use to diminish the position of intellectuals is to say we are "uninformed" or "ill-informed" or "childish" or don't understand how the world "really worlks" or that we are "hysterical" or that we "rant."

My first experience with this was in the men's locker room at the YMCA in downtown Boston. A friend who has fluctuated from far-left to far-right and is a poster child for neo-conservatism did not agree with my position on a political issue and he demeaned me using one of those choice neo-con phrases that implied he was enlightened and I was somehow idiotic for not understanding that his position was the only accurate position. (Hmmmm! I wonder what he thinks of his Bush.)

I have since watched conservatives and their tedious apologists, the neo-cons, use this tactic in debate. They do not actually use any knowledge, facts or information in their argument, they simply treat their opponent like a child and use words like "liberal" and "intellectual" to diminish our facts and positions.

Friday evening I was walking home from the subway and I encountered a young man wearing a t-shirt of New York's most powerful neo-con organization, the Democratic National Committee. He looked smart, was attractive, and it was encouraging to see a young person wearing a bright blue shirt emblazoned with the letters "DNC." It is my experience that young people today think that Reagan was a revolutionary and that being interested in, or active in, a political organization is stupid.

I approached the young man and asked if he was involved with the DNC and he said he was a fund-raiser.

I asked what he thought of Hillary Clinton's upcoming campaign. He said that she had no competition and she would win handily.

I asked if he had heard of Jonathan Tasini and he said he had.

I asked if he supported the war in Iraq. He said no.

I asked if he knew that Hillary Clinton supported the War in Iraq. He looked a bit sheepish and said yes.

I asked what he thought of NAFTA and he didn't have an answer.

I suggested that NAFTA had not been good for Americans and he agreed.

I asked if he knew any homosexuals and he offered that he himself was a homosexual.

I asked if he knew that Hillary Clinton was opposed to gay marriage. He said that she personally supports gay marriage.

I said that homosexuals should have the same rights as heterosexuals and he said that Hillary Clinton was very supportive of gay people.

I asked if I say that I support gay marriage and then I vote against it, doesn't that mean that I am really against it.

I asked if he was a conservative, he said no with a giggle.

I asked if he knew that Hillary Clinton was a conservative and he responded: "Look, I've listened to plenty of rants from Tasini supporters!"

I said that I was not ranting, and that he was using a standard conservative tactic to avoid the issues I was raising.

He apologized and admitted I was not ranting. I said: "I am sorry I upset you, but I am not ranting, and it is positions like yours that will keep the DNC out of power."

I finished my walk home.

I am convinced that the gay community has no idea that Hillary Clinton is NOT a liberal. How any homosexual that earns less than a million dolalrs a year can be a neo-con is beyond me. If you supprt Hillary Clinton, you are supporting a neo-con. I am convinced that most New York Democrats think she is a liberal. Democrats and liberals who support Hilalry Clinton musn't read the papers or watch the news.

If any New York Democrats are reading this, please note:

Hillary Clinton is not a liberal. She is a conservative.

She supports the war in Iraq.

She supports Israel's murder of Lebanese civilians.

She supports the abridgment of personal freedom by continuing to vote for the misnamed Patriot Act.

She opposes a woman's right to choose her own reproductive course of action.

She supports economic policies that rob Americans of jobs.

She is opposed to equal legal protection of homosexuals.

Hillary Clinton is not Bill Clinton.

If you are a New York Democrat, you do yourself a disservice, you undermine your own well-being and the future of New York by voting for her.

Hillary Clinton is bad for New York and bad for America.

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