Friday, July 07, 2006

Church of England

There is a potential schism in the Church of England regarding homosexuality and the rights of women.

You probably know that I have no patience for homophobia and mysogyny, especially when homophobes and mysogynists say they are being discriminated against because they take an unpopular position.

It is unChristian, unPatiotic, and unAmerican to be homophobic or mysogynistic, and/or to tolerate homophobes and mysogynists.

I always thought Episcopalians were the most open-minded of Christians, but they sure can give The Vatican a run for the money!

A recent Commentary in The Guardian by Simon Jenkins includes this tidbit:
This is a Church whose Episcopalian members embrace those supporting the electric chair and military torture: it can surely stretch to homosexuality and female emancipation.
The commentary is good reading.

Thank you to Richard for sending this along.

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