Monday, May 29, 2006

If Memory Serves Me Correctly . . .

. . . and I am the first to admit that long-term memory and I are hardly close, personal friends: it was the political right-wing of America that wanted to establish English as the national language. I remember that for years, when the GOP was the minority party, they tried to pass it often.

Now, the Democrats have been out of power for a very long time and they have switched from being the party of progressive, hard-working, thinking people, to the party of pretend-conservatism painted as blandly as possible to try to win the hearts and minds of the dull.

I have said before, and a cursory glance at her voting record will show, that Hillary Clinton is not a liberal Democrat, but a conservative Arkansas housewife. I would expect Mrs. Clinton to promote and vote for neo-conservative amendments to the laws of the land.

Sadly, Senator Kennedy (the last liberal?), from the state of Massachusetts, has joined the movement of the dull and helped pass a law declaring English " . . . the common and unifying language of the United States . . . " and preserving and enhancing " . . . the role of the English language. . . ."

Sadly, this link will show that most every Democrat voted to support this hegemonist, ridiculous law.

Sadly, this means that the law enforcement and military arms of the country will use fluency to persecute (and prosecute?) non-whites whose command of the language is that of a first-generation immigrant (like most of our relatives).

Sadly, the government will not take this opportunity to force writers, broadcasters, musicians, or educators to use correct, or proper English. No! Fox, Paramount, Times Corporation, Time-Warner, Viacom, Conde Nast, the teachers' unions, government school officials, elected representatives and almost every American born after 1972 will refuse to learn proper English; but because they are mostly white-skinned (or white-acting) middle-class people, we will continue to be assaulted by idiots that know nothing of the subjective versus the objective, past perfect versus future tenses, or split infinitives.

This ill-conceived amendment will not be used to make America a better place; it will be used to abuse the most disenfranchised of us all.

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