Thursday, March 30, 2006

The New Iraq Is Deadly For Homosexuals

As we attempt to spread Halliburton's version of democracy through the world, we continue to violate the basic tenets of freedom.

Halliburton's Democracy calls for freedom for all corporations, installation of radical right-wing political dogma, promotion of so-called Christian fundamentalist attitudes, and the total lack of protection for individual citizens.

In this vein, homosexuals in the new Iraq are being slaughtered, thanks to promotion of a law decreeing that sodomy is punishable by death.

Here's an uplifting report from an Iraqi homosexual living in exile in London:
"Badr [pro_Iran] militants are entrapping gay men via Internet chat rooms," [Ali] Hili continued. "They arrange a date and then beat and kill the victim. Males who are unmarried by the age of 30 or 35 are placed under surveillance on suspicion of being gay, as are effeminate men. They will be investigated and warned to get married. Badr will typically give them a month to change their ways. If they don't change their behavior or if they fail to show evidence that they plan to get married, they will be arrested, disappear, and eventually be found dead. The bodies are usually discovered with their hands bound behind their back, blindfolds over their eyes, and bullet wounds to the back of the head."

As we seek to control Iraq's natural resources under the pretense of installing democracy, our fundamentalist leaders are allowing our fundamentalist enemies to perpetrate heinous crimes that further the Bush administration's wacky agenda.

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