Thursday, February 09, 2006

Idiots (Redux)!

Ok! I can't let go of this.

I just listened to another whacko Muslim on television saying that nobody has the freedom to express an opinion of Islam that varies from his fundamentalist interpretation of the Koran.

When I say "Muhammed was a pederast," (blessings and peace upon his name) it does not mean I necessarily really believe that Muhammed (blessings and peace upon his name) inserted his penis into the anuses of young boys. But, I have the right to say it. It's called freedom of speech and it is a conrnerstone of civilization.

Now, we can debate whether a fundamentalist has any interest in civilization (generally they do not, especially Muslim fundamentalists), but it doesn't matter if some idiot Muslim believes in freedom of speech. Most of civilization guarantees such a right.

Arson and murder are crimes in every nation. Nobody is guaranteed the right to burn and kill whether in the name of some God or prophet or not. Any nation that allows their citizens to attack a soverign nation by vandalizing its embassy and threatneing its citizens is a nation that should be marginalized with boycotts and sanctions and should be expelled from every Western democracy.

Every nation should imprison every citizen that is calling for the death of another or the destruction of propery (especially over a cartoon).

Enough already.

Get the idiots off the street and into the asylums where they belong. Face them towards Mecca, give them a lovely rug and let them pretend there are seventy-odd virgins awaiting them in paradise.

They are all friggin' idiots!

Then, let's move on to the fundamentalists who are trying to make creationsim into law. Give them all a bible, a bank account, and a mistress and let them surf porn sites in Gitmo Bay!

Friggin' idiots!

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