Monday, December 26, 2005

Rafael Palmiero - Baseball's Hypoctrite

Rafael Palmeiro swore under oath to the United States Congress, "I have never used steroids. Period."

His impassioned speech was such a convincing performance that even after he later tested positive for steroids, Congress has chosen to let the liar slide and refuses to pursue perjury charges against him.

This is probably because he is a nice famous 'white' guy and he was able to explain away his steroid use as an accident that was the fault of Miguel Tejada (a not as famous not as 'white' guy).

Palmiero actually said that he must have taken the steroids inadvertently when he took Vitamin B-12 from Tejada's vitamin supply. I don't know a lot of non-needle using guys who would just dip into someone else's stash and inject vitamins.

Do you know guys who just happen to just decide to just shoot vitamins one day on-the-fly?

Nah! The people I know who use needles are people who use needles. None of the needle users I've encountered in medicine, sports, entertainment and the ghetto use needles ONLY for injections of Vitamin B-12. They use them for injecting all kinds of stuff, among which may be Vitamin B-12.

Palmiero is a liar.

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