Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Alex Chilton Found

Alex Chilton, Lead singer of The BoxTops, co-founder of Big Star, the musicians' musician extrodinaire had been missing in the New Orleans disaster and not heard from since last Monday.

Rumors flew and sightings were reported, but no friends or family had heard from him.

On Sunday, the Coast Guard rescued Chilton from his home, flew him out of New Orleans, and he is safely ensconced in a hotel far from the flood waters.

The story is that after he dcided to stay, the water reached only the top of his porch and he sustained on canned goods until rescue. I've heard he lost some weight but is in good health.

Thanks to all those who stayed on top of the story, including the folks at the Alex Chilton Yahoo! Message Board, and band members who refused to give up until he was found.

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