Monday, August 01, 2005

Saudi Arabia's King Fahd Dead

Crown Prince Abdullah, the king's 81-year-old half brother and the country's de factor ruler, was appointed the new monarch. . . .

Abdullah oversaw the crackdown on Islamic militants after followers of Saudi-born Osama bin Laden launched a wave of attacks, beginning with the May 2003 bombings of Western residential compounds in Riyadh. Abdullah also pushed a campaign against extremist teaching and preaching and introduced the kingdom's first elections ever — municipal polls held in early 2005. . . .

This so-called crackdown on Islamic militants has amounted to nothing more than financed expulsions from Saudi Arabia. The Saudi royal family allows these militants to leave with pockets full of money, there is no crackdown! There are no arrests! The criminals currently committing atrocities around the world are Abdullah's gift to justice and world peace. Abdullah has cracked-down on nobody, he simply expels them from his kingdom and sets them loose on the rest of the world.

America's primary problem is Saudi Arabia and its allies in the United States. With Abdullah at the head of Saudi Arabia, we can expect more crime and terror, and higher oil prices.

Not enough members of the House of Saud can expire quickly enough to make the world a safe place.

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