Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Cindy Sheehan and Camp Casey

Cindy Sheehan has set-up camp outside the Crawford, Texas ranch of the current American president in hopes that he will talk to her about the honor of losing her son in Iraq.

Though the current American president and his apologists happily acknowledge her presence and her complaints (a little too happily, if you ask me), the Commander-in-Chief of the American armed forces refuses to meet with her.

Sheehan and her supporters ask most of the same questions as all thinking people. What is honorable about the war in Iraq? If the war is honorable, why haven't the president's military-age children accepted the honor (from which they will profit handsomely when that Iraqi oil begins to flow again) of fighting the war? If the war is honorable, why are there no films of flag-draped coffins coming home (a tradition that became ritualized in World War II) proving to America that their children are not dying secretly or in vain?

Of course, the current Administration is more interested in covering-up their misjudgments and mistakes to discuss morality and nobility. They preach about it, but will not discuss it.

The current American president has a few friends in Crawford, Texas. His neighbor, Larry Mattlage, decided to fire his shotgun in the air. This might actually just be a Sunday morning ritual for Mr. Mattlage; but, I would think firing a shotgun over the ranch of the sitting American president would be a felony and an arrest, trial and incarceration are called-for. Of course, since Mattlage is a supporter of the President,, no charges are pending. I wonder what would happen to a supporter of Cindy Sheehan if he were to fire a shotgun over the president's ranch?

Another supporter of the President, who likely considers himself a Christian but is probably only a corporate fundamentalist of the stripe to make even the Vatican blush, attached chains and pipes to the back of his pick-up truck and drove through that part of Sheehan's vigil site where a "cemetery" of white crosses has been erected. Yes, dear reader, Larry Northern, of Waco, Texas, wants the world to know that Sheehan is not a patriot so he drove his truck through a field of white crosses to make his point. He has been charged with "criminal mischief." If a member of Sheehan's vigil camp drove a pick-up truck through a populated area, what charges do you think would be filed? I bet it would be attempted murder and assault on a police officer. But, since Larry Northern is a "patriot" he was just being mischievous, not menacing!

I have learned recently that these corporate apologists and neocons are not really political or Christian or conservative. They are selfish. They want everything their way and there can be no dissent.

Most importantly, they are dull. When you talk to a republican or a Reagan-democrat, make sure you tell them that they are just plain dull.

Read a Reuters article about the recent incidents at Crawford, Texas, here.

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