Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Hit By Bombs

Why is this still happening in this day and age?

London is one of the most secure cities in the entire world. After decades of internal strife, innumerable bombings and gruesome death tolls, London seemed to have become very safe. Today, at least six bombs were detonated in Central London, one on a double decker bus.

As of 12:00 London time, the Metropolitan Police have advised:
Please stay where you are and do not call the emergency services except in life-threatening situations.

An emergency hotline number will be announced shortly.

Two people are known to be dead, and "large numbers of casualties have been reported."

Mrs. Mac and I used many of these tube stations while living in London and some of my friends and colleagues still use these lines and stations to commute.

Nobody has claimed responsibility for the blasts that occurred one day after London celebrated their appointment as hosts of the 2012 Olympics, and Britain began hosting the G8 conference.

Here is the latest BBC article (5:47 A.M. New York time).

Some first-hand accounts as of 7:04 A.M. New York Time.

Now MSNBC is reporting twenty dead.

I am unable to get through to friends and colleagues by phone. I have no first-hand information at this time.

I pray that everyone is safe, the death toll is low, and those who are suffering find comfort and care.


8:21 A.M. New York time

I've just heard from a friend who lives in North London and commutes on the Northern Line. She was running late and was turned away at her local Tube station. She missed the explosions. Thank God!


1:36 P.M. New York time

Mrs. Mac and I have now heard that all our friends and colleagues in London are accounted-for.


7:30 P.M. New York time

Four bombs were detonated (not six) that affected six tube stations and a bus.


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