Thursday, June 09, 2005

Saudi Arabia Considering a Ban on Women Drivers

I know that corporate fundamentalists and their apologists will deny that Saudi Arabia is our greatest ally in the Arab world; but the Saudis enjoy closer ties with the USA and US corporations than any other Arab nation.

For years, Saudi Arabia has done our bidding in the region and we have done their bidding in the fossil fuels industry. It is a symbiotic relationship.

It is also deeply immoral.

The majority of anti-American terrorists and almost all of the money funding anti-American terrorism, is funneled out of Saudi Arabia. Those who committed the atrocities at the World Trade Center were Saudis, and they were funded by Saudis. The binLaden family is one of the ruling families of Saudi Arabia, and one of their sons, with family money, is the primary source of cash for terrorism throughout the free world.

Yet, the current American president is seen holding hands (yes, holding hands) with the monarch of Saudi Arabia, Henry Kissinger and his Washington, D.C., firm represent the interests of the binLaden family, and our military is steered away from capturing Osama binLaden so as to not upset the powers-that-be in the House of Saud.

OK, so you think all of that is a bunch of liberal pablum created to prop up some conspiracy theory and I am just a liberal nutcase with an axe to grind against the true majority in America.

If you dismiss all of my other statements, you are hard-pressed to deny that Saudi Arabia is our closest, wealthiest, and most powerful ally in the Arab world. No matter how much you disagree with me, you gotta give me that!

Now, the matter at hand:

The idiots who run Saudi Arabia, ever fearful of progress and modernization, are considering a permanent ban on all woman drivers. It seems an actual thinking person in that hideous nation's legislature put forth the notion that some women should be allowed to drive. Now they want to kick him off the council!

This entire issue is in direct conflict with our American ideals of equality and justice for all. And although I do not think we should take any action against a sovereign nation (ha ha ha), we should implement an economic boycott until those idiots give women a modicum of rights.

Will the corporate fundamentalists running the American White House confront the religious fundamentalists running Saudi Arabia? Is the current American president even capable of standing-up to Saudi Arabia and pointing out that all human beings, regardless of sex, should enjoy the same rights as all other human beings?

Unlikely, I know. There is too much money to be made with the love affair between the House of Bush and the House of Saud. We will continue using American tax dollars to placate Saudi Arabia, we will allow them to gouge American consumers with immoral gasoline prices, we will never prosecute or persecute them for their crimes against American citizens and business, and we watch while the current American regime overlooks the bad politics of another theocratic government.

Wake-up America! If our closest allies are getting away with treating women this way, how can we look at ourselves in the mirror?

Saudi Arabia Mulls Ban on Women Drivers

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