Tuesday, June 07, 2005

"Hey! Isn't that Dad up on that billboard?"

Reuters reports that the City of Oakland, California, has taken to publishing the pictures of convicted johns (customers of prostitutes) on billboards, in hopes of deterring other purchasers of these services from participating in the economy.

Obviously oblivious to the fact that shaming techniques never deter anyone, City Council President Ignacio De La Fuente, actually referred to the campaign as an "idea [that] came out of just thinking about new ideas, doing something to deal with this increasing problem, especially with the exploitation of underage women. . . . "

A new idea? Has this elected official never read American history or European history? Has he not learned from his education? At no time during the development of Western civilization has public humiliation ever deterred crime; and this has been true one hundred percent of the time!

And an elected official talking about the exploitation of underage women should take a look at his Nikes, and his trips to Cancun and other exploitative resorts, and all the Nestle products in his kitchen before he boasts about saving underage women! I would love to know how much of Mr. De La Fuente's wardrobe was made in sweatshops! I would guess 99%, just like all other reactionary Americans. These reactionaries want to take the moral high ground with everybody's money but their own!

If we use Mr. De La Fuente's son as an example of the father's commitment to eradicating the exploitation of women, let's discuss the lessons he teaches in his home about the dignity and respect of women. Associated Press reports that De La Fuente, Jr., appeared in court on Sunday, June 5, 2005, to answer charges that he raped a 15-year-old woman and a 21-year old woman. These new charges on top of allegations that he beat his girlfriend in Newark, NJ, in 2001. Nice!

De La Fuente, Sr., should take his moral lessons about the exploitation of women back to his own home before he pretends he can force his christian morals on the rest of us!

Now we get to the issue of prostitution! Americans are the biggest hypocrites when it comes to prostitution. Mary Magdelene (about whom there is no actual proof that she was a prostitute) is revered as one of Jesus Christ's closest disciples, is branded a prostitute, and treated as a saint sitting very near the hand of God. Heaven forbid, however that anyone not directly connected to the Savior should turn to prostitution as a means of support!

De La Fuente's exploitation of prostitution as an election tactic is reprehensible. The only way to protect prostitutes and the exploitation of sex workers is to legitimize the industry and provide worker protection.

But, no! Americans go along exploiting these already exploited workers, pretending to want to help them, while swinging some moral high hand in the face of common sense.

Wake-up America! We must stop forcing our individual morality on others and return to what made America once-great: worker protection. Stop exploiting prostitution and start protecting sex workers!

Back to the billboards: why only johns on billboards? Why not corporate criminals who raid our economic system of hundreds of millions of dollars and walk-away unmolested? How about those suspected of election fraud? Why stop at johns?

To wrap-up about the senior De La Fuente's hypocrisy: here is a man who prides himself on a career of defending workers' rights; but when it comes to the most exploited workers in America, he wants them punished, not protected.


"Hey! Isn't that Dad up on that billboard?"

Son of Oakland City Council President due in court today

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