Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Downing Street Memo

The wrong-wing and the corporate fundamentalists are remarkably consistent: they lie perpetually. They never stop, and when presented with facts that prove they are lying they say: "So what!"

The Downing Street memo is being ignored by the perpetrators of this century's greatest scandal: the leader of the free world lying to his constituency to grab the natural resources of another land.

It never ceases to amaze me that the stupies pretend the Downing Street Memo is irrelevant and that the corporate fundamentalists should just continue their plan of eliminating democracy, republicanism, capitalism and liberty.

The Downing Street Memo site
. . . is intended as a resource for anyone who wants to understand the meaning and context of these documents as they relate to the Bush administration's case for war.

On the site, a so-called conservative writes:
I wish it was possible on a wider scale to have calm, intelligent discussions about the important issues. The conflict in Iraq is very painful to all of us. My son is serving in Iraq at the present time and I trust he will come hope safely.

I am heartened that idiots who vote for the wrong-wing and support Bush are sending their children to die for Bush's oil futures ('cause they ain't dying for our Republic or liberty or justice for anyone)! I hope your son returns alive; but as long as parents like you send their babies to die in Iraq, the war will continue. When the war ends, however it ends, no good will come of it for American taxpayers.

Go ahead, stupies, keep voting like you have a millionaire's wallet. Just keep my family out of your immoral wars! Send your children to be slaughtered, but not mine!

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Custos Morum said...

Who didn't know that it was official US policy to oust Saddam Hussein? It had been so since the Iraq Liberation Act that was passed unanimously in 1998.

The so-called Downing Street memo is merely a recognition that a determined case will be made to oust Hussein for his presumed possession of WMD. Well, we knew that anyway.

I can find no controversy in these documents. Indeed, until they were released I had thought my admiration for Tony Blair could extend no higher. I was wrong about that, at least.