Friday, April 08, 2005

Lance Armstrong Is A Liar

The world-famous cyclist was in Manhattan yesterday to backpedal from his endorsement of Paris as host of the 2012 Olympic Games.

On March 9 in Paris, Armstrong said, "to be fair, I think that Paris deserves the Olympics."

The businessmen who are trying to suck New York taxpayers dry by hosting those same games were furious that an American would publicly endorse the French bid and began dragging Armstrong through the neo-con slime known as American press.

Armstrong has now said: "A few weeks ago, I tried to be extremely diplomatic in a country I have not always been diplomatic in."

So, his statement in France was just a lie to get the French media off his back; but, it looks to me as though his statement in New York was said just to get the American media off his back.

No smart person would ever endorse New York as an Olymipic site unless they had some stake in it. Since Armstrong is not known to have any monetary stake in the Games being held in New York, he must be protecting his political stake -- his public image. He is only saying what he is saying so the neo-con media doesn't destroy his career.

Armstrong is either saying what placates the neocons (which makes him a liar) or he is stupid (he sincerely believes New York is a good site for an Olympics). I doubt the latter, so I have to conclude the former.

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Anonymous said...

Armstrong is a lying, cheating, backstabbing, pathetic SKIRT of a dopehead!
Uh-oh, is he gonna sue me now?