Friday, April 29, 2005

Joke - I'll Do Anything

A man was sitting at a bar enjoying a cocktail when a gorgeous young woman arrived and sat nearby. She was so striking that the man could not stop staring at her her.

She noticed his stare, their eyes met, and before he could apologize for being rude, she said, "I'll do anything that you want me to do, absolutely anything, for $100 on one condition."

Flabbergasted, the man asked what the condition was.

"Anything?" He asked.

"Anything," she repeated.

"What is the one condition?"

"You have to tell me what you want in just three words."

The man considered her proposition for a moment, took out his wallet and counted out five $20 bills. He pressed them firmly into her hand, looked longingly into her eyes and said, "Paint my house."

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