Thursday, April 28, 2005

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My first encounter with a gated community was visiting a friend at Sea Gate in Brooklyn, New York, in 1978. I knew nothing about these communities and was not surprised that security would not allow me to enter because I had arrived on public transportation. They only wanted to admit people who arrived in cars, even though the bus stopped right at the gate! My friend had to drive down to the gate to meet me. I've never quite gotten the point, but obviously others do.

Heavy Trash is a blog about the increase of gated communities in the United States.

Do those of us inside a gated community absolve ourselves of any responsibility for the world outside our gates?

There is something impersonal and incarceration-like about a gated community, unlike a secure building. A gate makes a community seem like a prison, while a doorman makes it seem like civilization.

There are so many natural separations in our culture. If we separate ourselves intentionally, can we really be one truly heterogeneous society?

Keep your gates! Give me a doorman and a butler over a gate any day!

And in Champions League News: A Battle of Primary Colors

The Blues of Chelsea failed to beat the Reds of Liverpool in a match the Londoners hosted at Stamford Bridge.

The seemingly invincible Chelsea did not look like the champions of Europe and we can only hope that the Reds can beat them at Anflield, in Liverpool, on 03 May.

Yesterday, hosts AC Milan beat Dutch visitors PSV Eindhoven 2-0 in the first leg of their semi-final match-up.

Could it be a Liverpool v AC Milan final?!?!?!?

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