Wednesday, January 26, 2005

It's CompUSA Then

Where do you buy computer equipment, peripherals and supplies?

I have always been rather haphazard about choosing retailers: whichever store is convenient I will use. No more, though.

According to, the only computer retail outlet that has a positive blue rating is CompUSA. Why? Well, the website explains that making no political contributions is better than donations to the Reich Wing:

"CompUSA/Good Guys currently has a 100% BuyBlue rating due to lack of political contributions for the 2003-2004 election cycle. BuyBlue believes that lack of political contributions is a "blue" value as well because it shows a company is in business to do business and not influence the political landscape. It is tough to stay out of the politics game when your competitors are busy spending their money buying influence with one side or the other. On our rating scale that lands CompUSA/Good Guys the highest rating."

My primary computer is a Dell, but BuyBlue points out that Dell gives the majority of its political donations to Reich Wingers, so I will buy Dell no more. Next PC I use will be built from pieces bought at CompUSA.

Please consider spending your money with companies not currently supporting the Reich Wing. The BuyBlue site can help you make learned decisions.

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