Monday, January 03, 2005

2005 Resolutions

Yes! Auld acquaintance can be forgot . . . but, what about the future?

In 2005 I resolve to:

Get less sleep
Spend more time comforting my teething daughter
Learn more SQL skills
Figure out the Sesame Street broadcast schedule
Vaccuum the house more regularly
Reply to emails more quickly
Be less cranky about missing more sleep
Ignore right-wingers more consistently
Get more office work done in fewer hours
Find a person who needs my help
Cook more
Finish that manuscript
Practice patience and tolerance
Work to reverse the trend of fundamentalism
Download more free MP3s
Sell those baseball cards
Pray and meditate more
Promote more unknown musicians
Ignore the ignorant
Entertain more
Clean the air filters weekly
Walk more
Forgive those who make stupid choices

What do you resolve in 2005?

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