Thursday, December 09, 2004

.Net Lover

So, I'm a geek. Not a big geek, but I am a geek and I love geek-y things.

The Code Project is a great site that provides resources for those of us working with, creating, or being tortured by C++, .NET, .ASP, or C# code. Having a problem with your code or looking for a piece of code you suspect might already exist? Code Project is your site!

I have found a new hero at the Code Project:

Prashant (.Net Lover)

I love people who love their work, and I love people willing to post their picture on the web. Obviously, .Net Lover is a guy who loves his life and his work and I applaud him!

Thank you, Prashant!

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Moondial said...

Personally - I think all good & good on ya!