Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Tampa Bay United? What About My Gunners? An English Football Update . . .

Glazer in Manchester United Takeover Bid

Malcolm Glazer, the owner of the NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is a shareholder of Manchester United, the dullest team in England's Premier League. Manchester United is often referred to as ManUtd, or just United. I refer to them as ManUre.

How dull is ManUre? They have a marketing agreement with the New York Yankees. Yup! The dullest team in England is united with the dullest team in the United States. A perfect marriage; but, if that's the most creative marketing ploy you can manage, you deserve to be owned by an NFL franchisee!

My bias against ManUre began when I was living in London. ManUre were at the top of their game, winning everything, and had a team that seemed unbeatable.

Since I was living in London, I started following and supporting a London team. A friend had brought Mrs. Mac and me to an Arsenal match at Highbury, and I became an instant Arsenal fan.

When I started talking 'football' in my London circles, I was surprised to hear how many people in London (and from London) supported ManUre.

Being from London and supporting a team in Manchester is like being from New York and supporting a team in Pittsburgh! No matter how good the Pirates, Penguins, or Steelers might be, I can't imagine any of my friends from New York announcing themselves as a fan of those teams. Maybe I'm wrong (but I don't think so).

Anyway . . . the fans of ManUre are not happy about anybody taking over their team, least of all Malcolm Glazer! Maybe they would accept George Steinbrenner, but Glazer infuriates them. I don't quite know why, nor do I really care.

I think it would be wonderful if Glazer would buy ManUre. It is likely he would mortgage them to the teeth and run them into the ground, possibly even bankrupting them. Ooooooo! The thought gets me so excited!

A Fox Sports World article:
Manchester United supporters will take this as a declaration of war," said Sean Bones, vice chairman of the fan-based group Shareholders United.

Arsenal Beat Tottenham

(all images used without permission)
In Arsenal news, the Gunners barely beat Tottenham Hotspurs in last Saturday's North London Derby. Arsenal look like crap these days and were lucky to get out of White Hart Lane with a one-goal victory (4-5).

Why are the Gunners doing so poorly with such a fantastic squad? Laziness? Cockiness? One friend insists that it is because they have too many French players, so his opinion is that their problem is their Frenchness.

My thoughts:

Jens Lehmann has got to be replaced in goal. He's as consistent as David James without the good looks. Bring in an Italian.

(Jens Lehman)

Sol Campbell is needed in every match. Without Campbell managing the defense, Arsenal are mediocre in the back.

(L to R: Sol Campbell, Robert Pires, Jose Reyes)

Robert Pires must get back to full-game fitness. His starting position is now filled by Jose Antonio Reyes, the Spanish phenom, who is doing a splendid job and will likely replace Dennis Bergkamp up front in the next year or so. Pires needs to get his knee stable and return to a starting midfield position before the season gets too far along.

Until the goalkeeper is replaced, we get Campbell back, and the Pires/Reyes situation is sorted out, Arsenal are doomed to finish behind the even duller Chelski!

By the way . . .

(David James, Manchester City Football Club)

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