Friday, November 26, 2004

Powell Rejects Ukraine Election, Calls for Action

OK! This article seems like it should be published in The Onion! Oddly, it is a story from Reuters and published by the New York Times!

(Don't get me wrong, I think the NYT is a piece of crap. When CNN defended its practices by comparing itself to Comedy Central, I thought the mainstream media had finally admitted they are not reliable news sources at all, they are just poorly produced entertainment. Sadly, the New York Times thinks it provides journalistic services, in actuality they only provide a mouthpiece for those who would curb our liberty, deregulate our industries, and move all our jobs offshore.)

Colin Powell, a man involved in the most questionable election in American history (surpassing the 1960 Kennedy victory over Nixon by a long way) is suggesting that his regime (the second Bush II administration) will not recognize another nation's election (Ukraine) because he thinks it was not legitimate. How ironic! I wonder what the Secretary's position was on this issue in November of 2000.

Remember: War is Peace!

Powell Rejects Ukraine Election, Calls for Action
Published: November 24, 2004
Filed at 1:12 p.m. ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Secretary of State Colin Powell said on Wednesday the United States did not accept the results of the disputed presidential election in Ukraine as legitimate and called for immediate action.

"If the Ukrainian government does not act immediately and responsibly there will be consequences for our relationship," Powell told reporters.

Pressed on what punitive action, if any, would be taken, Powell said: "At the moment we're not taking any action. We want to see what the ultimate results are."

Powell said it was time for Ukraine's leaders to decide if they were on the side of democracy and respect the will of the people in addressing problems from last weekend's election.

The former Soviet republic's electoral authorities declared Moscow-backed Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich the victor of Sunday's presidential election run-off, which the opposition and international observers say was marred by fraud.

Tens of thousands of supporters of pro-western opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko have marched in Kiev since the vote, accusing the authorities of staging mass fraud to deny him victory.

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