Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Guys In Masks

Which are the good guys? Masked Iraqi Police Blindfold Prisoners

I thought that killers, guerrillas, criminals, and terrorists wore masks because they are bad guys and do not want their identity known. They need to remain secretive and anonymous.

In that vein, I thought that American soldiers and their allies (a/k/a The Good Guys) did not wear masks during operations or when plying the tools of their trade (guns) because we are on the side of righteousness and freedom.

Am I naive?

Why are Iraqi policemen wearing masks when arresting suspected bad guys? Maybe this picture shows that the Iraqi police that we have installed are not good guys and are not working for the good guys.

This is very suspicious. If the Iraqi police are The Good Guys, they should not be hiding their faces like garden variety terrorists. The Good Guys are not supposed wear ski masks while spreading good and delivering us from evil. This is a bad sign.

Some Yahoo! Courtesy of Associated Press.

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