Thursday, October 14, 2004

Nestle Water Boycott

I received three emails yesterday asking why I failed to list Nestle's bottled waters in my boycott list.

It was an oversight.

One email berated me because I had made a big stink last year about a rock star doing an advertisement for a Nestle water, but then I didn't bother mentioning it in my boycott article.

I was infuriated by the singer, who had previously passed himself off as a champion of children's charities, because he had sold every image of his storied career to Nestle, a corporation known for killing children.

It was disheartening to me, and I am sad that the artist I had admired for so long turned out to be such a dullard.

Be that as it may . . . back to the matter at hand.

I did further investigation of Nestle products and was shocked to discover how many springs and water-bottling operations Nestle has acquired through their Perrier Water subsidiary. I now have more items I will not purchase.

(Please note that the World Bank works very hard to ensure that Nestle gets the water rights in developing nations that need money for things like roads, schools, hospitals, and other infrastructure. I have written about the World Bank's water privatization scandal and will address it again soon. It works like this: Developing nation in the third world needs a loan from the World Bank to build a hospital. They must privatize their water supply by selling it to Nestle in order to get the loan. Nice, huh?)

Boycott All Nestle Bottled Water Products:

  • Aberfoyle
  • Acqua Panna
  • Arrowhead
  • Calistoga
  • Deer Park
  • Great Bear
  • Ice Mountain
  • Ozarka
  • Perrier
  • Poland Spring
  • S.Pellegrino
  • Vittel
  • Zephyrhills


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