Monday, October 11, 2004

Conservative Liars. How can anyone still support these people?

How do you get America to support your re-election? Scare them! The Republicans, only know how to use fear: fear of Arabs and fear of Islam are enhancing the 'fear of gays' (elect us or the gays will get your kids, which started in 1977) and 'fear of blacks' (cut welfare or the blacks will get all your money, so perfectly presented by Reagan) that they use to hide the real issues. Now they are using these fear tactics to dismantle the constitution and redirect tax dollars to themselves.

The right-wing of America is not moving us towards patriotic betterment of our world, they are leading us to the place they are most comfortable: economic and spiritual bankruptcy and a world of fear and hate.

The GOP convention this past Summer was an embarrassment to freedom and the American way, and one netizen has made a wonderful, humorous montage that can be seen here:

View the GOP Convention Movie

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Anonymous said...

They are all liars and full of you know what. If they truly were against socialism they would have been ranting, drooling and raving at the local level. Then they could drive on dirt roads and have uneducated children. They are dumb as rocks. It's all B.S.