Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Joke - Payments

A backpacker in Colorado walks into a bar and orders a beer from the barmaid. She recognizes his Boston accent and they begin chatting.

Over the course of the night they get to know each other quite well. At the end of her shift he asks if she wants to come back to his place for sex. Although she is attracted to him, she declines.

He then offers her $200. Since she is low on funds, she agrees.

The next night he returns and orders another beer. Later in the evening, he offers her another $200 for sex. She happily agrees.

This goes on for five nights. On the sixth night the backpacker comes in, orders a beer and sits in the corner.

Hoping to earn more cash in another night of passion, the waitress pulls up a seat, and asks him where's he's from.

"Boston," the backpacker replies.

"So am I! What part of Boston?" she asks.

"Dorchester," he replies.

"That's amazing," she says, "so am I! What street?"

"Washington Street, he replies.

"This is unbelievable," she says. "What number?"

"Number 205."

"You are not going to believe this but I'm from number 202 and my parents still live there!"

"Yes, I know," the man replies. "Your father gave me $1,000 and asked me to deliver it to you."

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