Thursday, August 19, 2004

Stalinist Campaign Tactics in Michigan

Kathryn Mead, a 55-year-old social studies teacher, has seen Queen Elizabeth and Pope John Paul in person, but she has never seen a sitting United States president.

The Michigan Democrat secured a ticket to see the current American president during a campaign stop at Traverse City Senior High School.

Upon arrival at the venue, she offered her photo ID and ticket for admission. Her ticket was taken and ripped in half by a GOP operative or Secret Service agent (it's not clear to me who it was) and she was refused admittance. Why? Because she was wearing a Kerry/Edwards sticker on her lapel!

Last time I looked, the right to assemble was enhanced by the right to speak and to dissent. Sadly, if you haven't noticed by now, dissent is considered disloyalty and unpatriotic by the current administration.

Kate Stephan, chair of the Grand Traverse Republican Party, could not be reached for comment after the rally.

I have been unable to find their phone numbers, might it might be nice to give Kate and the Michigan GOP a call or send an email to let them know this stinks!

Send lots of messages.


You can complain to the Michigan State Republican Party at this link.

See Kate Stephan's lovely website here. Please note its dysfuncionality.

The Traverse City Record-Eagle article

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