Monday, August 02, 2004

Boo! Are You Scared Yet?

I am of the belief that a lot of information about terrorism pours into the federal government on a daily basis. I think this has been true since Lolita Lebron and three compatriots attacked the House of Representatives in 1954, in what was probably the first terrorist act within our borders.

Oh! You didn't know about the Puerto Rican freedom fighters who walked into the House and opened fire. They killed none, wounded one republican congressman, and made their point that Puerto Rico should be independent, not a colony.

There have been many attacks against government building sin the past fifty years; but we don't talk much about them and they are not part of our history. If all domestic terror was listed chronologically in history books like presidents or wars, it would be more difficult for News Corporation and the republicans to scare the bejesus out of us as a warm-up to the GOP convention.

I'm a little angry about this latest stunt!

This past weekend, an anonymous counter-intelligence official reported that over the past 36-72 hours there has been a lot of information gathered about possible new attacks against American financial institutions. This is news?

Come on! Wake up! Don't be gullible!

Every 48-hour period since 1954 has been jam-packed with warnings of domestic attacks by our own citizens, like The Weathermen, or foreign operatives, like Lebron.

Bill Clinton warned repeatedly about the dangers of Osama binLaden, but the republican-dominated congress said he was just distracting from his blow-job, and they couldn't be bothered when he publicly discussed this information!

Our nation has been collecting information about domestic danger for fifty years, and now that the current administration and their pals in the media need to keep control over the marketplace, they have been frightening us into thinking another building will be attacked any moment.

Please ignore them! If there is danger, they should take care of it and stop trying to scare the public! They should just do their friggin' jobs and stop profiteering from taxpayer fear!

Now, as we gear-up for the GOP fanfest in New York, the importance of these terrorist risks suddenly increases! I don't know who are the bigger assholes: the people who 'leak' the information, the people who publish it, or the idiots who believe it is relevant! If you are any of them, you're an ass!

Don't be afraid! We are a wonderful people! We can be great again. Ignore the friggin republicans who want to blame the poor and the disenfranchised for all your troubles while they rape you of your income and scare your children with threats of bombs at home whilst they throw young adults under tanks for big oil profits!

Walk tall and vote these asses out of office!

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