Monday, July 19, 2004

Wanted! Criminal Chess Champion

The once-famous, now infamous, Bobby Fischer was arrested in Tokyo late last week after spending more than a decade on the lam.

Fischer has been wanted by US law enforcement officials for 12 years because he committed the heinous crime of playing a chess match in Yugoslavia while an embargo was in effect.

So . . . let me see here:

Henry Kissinger signed a peace treaty with North Vietnam one winter day, and we flattened Hanoi that Christmas Eve; but he was never 'wanted.'

The current American President spirited away on jets over 100 Saudis less than 48 hours after the most heinous attack against America, when there was a total ban on air travel. That group included members of the binLaden family, whose son had organized the attack against us; but this President has never been 'wanted' for that.

Neal Bush stole over a billion dolalrs from the Silverado Savings & Loan while his daddy was Vice-President; but he has never been 'wanted' for that.

Bobby Fischer plays a chess match in Yugoslavia and is now in jail in Tokyo awaiting extridition to the United States for prosecution.

I'm confused!

Some Yahoo!

New York Times

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