Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Joke - ATM Instructions

Of course I know that jokes about "men do things like this and women do things like that" are stereotypical and often innacurate. They are funny, though, because of their sterotypical nature and innacuracies.

Sometimes they make us laugh, so today I offer you this comparison of instructions for women and men who use Drive-Thru cash machines:

Male Instructions:

01. Pull up to ATM
02. Insert card.
03. Enter PIN.
04. Take cash, card and receipt.
05. Drive away.

Female Instructions:

01. Pull up to ATM.
02. Back up and pull forward to get closer.
03. Shut off engine.
04. Put keys in purse.
05. Get out because you're too far from machine.
06. Hunt for card in purse.
07. Insert card.
08. Hunt in purse for grocery receipt with PIN written on it.
09. Enter PIN.
10. Study instructions.
11. Hit "cancel".
12. Re-enter correct PIN.
13. Check balance.
14. Look for envelope.
15. Look in purse for pen.
16. Make out deposit slip.
17. Endorse checks.
18. Make deposit.
19. Study instructions.
20. Make cash withdrawal.
21. Get in car.
22. Check makeup.
23. Look for keys.
24. Start car.
25. Check makeup.
26. Start pulling away.
27. Stop.
28. Back up to machine.
29. Get out of car.
30. Take card and receipt.
31. Get back in car.
32. Put card in wallet.
33. Put receipt in checkbook.
34. Enter deposits and withdrawals in checkbook.
35. Clear area in purse for wallet and checkbook.
36. Check makeup.
37. Put car in reverse.
38. Put car in drive.
39. Drive away from machine.
40. Drive 3 miles.
41. Release parking brake.

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