Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Four More Years?

I fear that four more years of George W Bush is inevitable. I think that the current regime has plans to steal the next election and their scheme is already in full force.

Pay close attention to warnings and terror alerts. They will increase as election day gets closer.

I suspect the administration will disrupt the Democratic Convention in Boston by issuing false alarms for terror attacks, this will clear-out the convention center and other facilities every single day.

The Dems will be unable to hold a convention, will not be able to nominate a candidate in the usual manner, will look like victims, and the Administration will paint themselves as the saviors of the free world who kept their opponents safe from the evils of terrorism!

The RNC in New York will be shown as a perfect success and will not be interrupted.

As the final election approaches, the bogus Department of Homeland Security will issue so many terror alerts and expose so many 'plots' that the Administration will call-off the election through some form of martial law or some unknown clause in the Patriot Act that none of your elected officials bothered to read before passing (and which none of us has bothered to read).

The Supreme Court will refuse to step-in, because they like this current regime.

The entire nation will be furious at George Bush and his approval rating will plummet to 39%.

It will take the Senate three months to get things back in order.

In the dead of Winter, elections will be held and Bush will win 78% of the votes with a 39% approval rating (irrespective of how many votes were actually cast for him).

Civil liberties and free choice will be so eroded by 2008 that nobody will have the will to participate in what was once the greatest government on Earth.

I hope I'm wrong!


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