Monday, June 28, 2004

"U.S. Soldiers to Be Charged in Iraqi General's Death"

I read this headline on Sunday and it is very disturbing. We are going to prosecute young American soldiers for killing their enemy. Please excuse my confusion.

The House of Bush is jumping on a public relations campaign to blame the failures of the Iraq war on the soldiers, to paint the current administration as moral and forthright, and to hide the real crimes being committed in the names of American taxpayers behind a veil of lies and Fox newscasts.

We have inducted huge numbers of young Americans into the military and shipped them off to Iraq to kill, maim, and torture all for the purpose of securing that nation's vast oil reserves for the profit of a small number of people (chances are: you are not one of the people who will profit from this war). These young men and women are doing a rather remarkable job, considering most of them are from the reserves and not the full-time professional military.

These youngsters arrived in Iraq and were let loose on the population. They did what they were told told, and now Fox and News Corporation wants to call them killers and torturers.

Well . . . duh . . . that's what they are! That's what we have trained them to do! That is why they are in Iraq: to kill people! When you don't kill the people you have been sent to war against, you capture them and you put them in prison. While you have them in prison, you torture them. That is the point of capturing them and not killing them. That is war! This is what you wanted!

The entire American broadcast media and most of the print media jumped on the war bandwagon a year ago and now they are all shocked and appalled that the military is killing and torturing people! What did you think they were going to do? Serve tea?!?!?!?!

Now the administration, in an effort to distance themselves from their own military debacle, are insisting that the criminals who have killed and tortured be brought to justice.


This administration sent these young people to Iraq to do their killing and maiming and torturing, and now they want to prosecute them for killing, maiming and torturing people?!?!?!?!

Does anyone else see a problem here?

These soldiers have been told to go be soldiers so that House of Bush and their fuck-buddies at Halliburton can rape us of as much of our treasury as possible and rape Iraq of as much of their natural resources as possible. Now that things are going poorly, the criminals in the White House and that cesspool of avarice Houston, Texas, want to blame our soldiers for this mess!

The current administration and ALL conservatives, ALL fundamentalists and ALL their apologists in the Republican party are screwing us! From Ronald Reagan's corporate deregulation scam to George Bush's war in Iraq, we have not once received anything beneficial from the GOP. Who benefits? A small number of wealthy people (not all of whom are Americans), to whom our tax coffers are being given and from whom less and less taxes are demanded.

If we do not remove the right-, er . . . wrong-wing from power, we will be in deeper financial and political shit than you could ever have imagined, because they have no intention of stopping, as long as you keep electing them.

They have stolen our treasury and given away our natural resources. Then they sent our children to die in the desert, and now they want to blame our children for the war that has gone so horribly wrong.

Please stop voting for Republicans!

If you don't think there is a problem here, as my friend Dave likes to say, you are not paying attention!


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