Monday, June 07, 2004

Ronald Reagan Is Dead

This is really too bad. It had always been my hope that he would live a very very long long time. A long slow life laying around in a diaper full of his own feces pressed against his thighs and his drool running down his chin, his condition not bad enough that he was oblivious. I hoped he would be unable to talk, but acutely aware of his discomfort. I had hoped he would suffer for what he did to America.

Reagan stole America from us, from all Americans. He tricked working people into thinking his party would help them, and they never have.

He led a movement to bring extreme right-wingers into power by tricking the faithful with two issues: abortion and taxes. He tricked an entire nation. Twice.

He promised people that de-regulation of American industry would lead to lower prices, more jobs, better service and less conglomeration. He and his henchmen knew all along that none of this was true, but they perpetrated the lie so effectively that America went for it. Twice. History has proven that he was wrong. Deregulation has been a failure and has delivered the exact opposite of what this evil man promised. Prices are higher, service is worse, there are fewer jobs, and conglomeration is the order of the day.

While tugging on the heart-strings and fears of middle America by waving the flags of abortion, morality and affirmative action, he took away our nation and sold it to the highest bidder. He started a trend of privatization that continues to destroy every public and quasi-public service that America spent so much to build. Your infrastructure, your airports, your public transportation. You paid for all that and he started the process of giving it all away to the rich who are sucking it dry for every penny they can get.

He convinced Americans that a small government is good. Well, a small government is fine for a small people. We have a government for and by the people and we have become a small people to match our potentially small government. Please note that the only government he reduced is that part of the government that helped the working, the working poor, the poor, and those in need. He bloated that part of the government that helps the rich, and the rich cost more than the poor.

Ronald Reagan stole America from Americans and he's got you convinced he was a good man. Now he will be honored in death, but who will speak of the dishonor he brought to our once-great nation?

Ronald Reagan was a bad man and death is too good for him.

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