Wednesday, June 16, 2004

MoveOn PAC - Help Air Our New Ad Revealing Bush/Haliburton Croynism

MoveOn PAC is working hard to expose the immoral (if not illegal) business dealings of Dick Cheyney and his current boss. In this vein, MoveOn has created a new advertisement to be aired when enough money is raised to pay for it.

These shameless avaricious thugs controlling the White House are throwing our children into the line of fire to fight a war for which their only plan is to profit magnificently.

MoveOn has been dedicated to exposing these scum.

At their website they explain: "While soldiers are dying in Iraq, Dick Cheney's old company Haliburton has defrauded the government of millions. In just one year in Iraq, Haliburton employees have accepted $6 million in illegal kickbacks, the company overcharged taxpayers millions for gas, and charged hundreds of millions of dollars for meals for our troops that were never delivered. But the Bush administration has done more than just turn a blind eye; internal Pentagon emails suggest Vice President Dick Cheney recently helped secure Haliburton an $18 BILLION no-bid contract. Today, we're trying to raise $1.1 million to air a new ad in swing states that calls the Bush White House on its cronyism with Haliburton."

While the media that was so generously de-regulated by the recently-dead Ronald Reagan uses its power to push forward a single-minded right-wing agenda, it is important that the voice of real carbon-based taxpayers be heard, and MoveOn is making sure your interests are protected.

Please consider sending them a donation. If you can't send money, at least go watch the ad. Both can be done at this link:

MoveOn PAC's new "Haliburton" ad.



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