Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Who Had The Better Idea?

I received a mailing from Americans United for Separation of Church and State ("AU"). It was a standard fundraising letter, the type I respond to and for which I often write a check.

AU is the organization that sued Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore to prevent him from displaying Moses' Ten Commandements in a public building. Moore is a fundamentalist christian who had secured himself a lifetime position dispensing justice and securing jurisprudence. Moore failed to understand that he may not impose his Judeo-Christian beliefs on American taxpayers. So . . . he no longer sits on the Alabama Supreme Court and the ten commandments have been removed from the courthouse!

There have been a number of statesmen and religious leaders over the centuries who have discussed the myriad issues surrounding church and state. On the one hand you have Thomas Jefferson and the businessmen and politicians who formed the United States by crafting the United States Constitution. On the other end of the spectrum you have Jerry Falwell and the televangelists who have made it their mission to eradicate the Constitutional protections that have kept the religious and non-religious safe for centuries.

While the fundamentalists work to eliminate civil liberty and personal freedom I ask you:

Whose vision of America would you prefer: Thomas Jefferson's or George Bush's?

Who had the better idea? What will you do to make certain it prevails?


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