Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Dear David Bowie,

While typing yesterday's blog about my fave anti-war song ("Bring The Boys Home," by Freda Payne) I remembered seeing you sing "Fantastic Voyage" in Poughkeepsie last year.

What a grand time I had at that show. LizSK2, from London, stayed with me that week, I think.

"Fantastic Voyage" is a great anti-war song. I will include it and "Bombers" on my list of fave anti-war songs.

I often wonder if I will ever see you in concert again. Are you enjoying the tour? Everyone asks if I will be seeing any more of the Reality shows, but I hate sheds and the rest of the tour is outside. Yech!

Anyhow . . . thanks for "Fantastic Voyage" and "Bombers"! They remind me that somewhere in your moral code there is something that contradicts your decision to take money from a corporation as despicable as Nestle.

Dick Mac

P.S.: Do you know there is a 25 year boycott of Nestle?

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